Why Have a Wedding Album

January 6, 2023

There is nothing like the feeling of your wedding album in your hands and seeing all of your favourite high quality images printed. With a range of different finishes and colours, you can even match your album to your colour scheme from the day.

Flat lay of grey fine art wedding Photography album

Before everything was digitalised, print was the only way to see your wedding photos. 

That sounds crazy old, but it was only around 20 years ago! 

Now, everything is online, kept on hard drives, and super easy to access and post on the ‘gram. But what about the OG form of wedding photos? What about wedding photo albums, and photo prints? Just because everything can be digitalised now, does that mean we no longer have use for wedding photo albums?

I’m an avid believer that photo albums are an absolute TREASURE! I seriously love them, and would recommend them to all my couples. But let me run down the reasons why for you… 

Grey Fine art wedding photography album example


First of all, I know, wedding albums aren’t cheap. This is the main reason why couples choose not to have one made. However, this is literally the only downside. 

Considering how long photo albums last, and how special they are, the money is so worth spending for it. 

Have you ever sat down at your grandparent’s or parent’s house and looked through their wedding album? It’s such a special way to relive the wedding day, and seeing the photographs that they chose especially to be printed and kept forever.

Not only that, but look how many centuries that photo album has lasted! Photographs, when kept properly, last forever. 

Close up of lay flat pages in fine art wedding Photography album


So we’ve covered the fact that they can be pricey. But why? 

Each wedding album is carefully thought out, selected, and hand crafted by your photographer. Once the photos are chosen, it can take hours to arrange each image perfectly. The photo album tells a story, and getting that right in a way that the album flows, and each photograph fits properly, is a skill! 


Saving all of your photos digitally sounds like it’ll be safe forever, and don’t get me wrong, there are definitely ways. But consider how storage for files come and go… Floppy disks were once the format of choice, but now you can’t buy a new laptop or computer with a floppy disk drive. 

Currently the favoured format is USB, but even in recent years we’ve seen it fade. Eventually, laptops and computers will come without USB drives, just like they often now come without disk drives. 


Photo albums are one of a kind. There won’t be a photo album in existence that’s the same as your wedding album, not in the past and not in the future. As mentioned before, albums are created solely for YOU.

They’re entirely unique and personalised. They’re a treasure to keep and look at for not years, but centuries to come. 

Want to chat wedding albums with me? Drop me a message with any questions! 🖤