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My wedding photography style definitely reflects my love for all things artsy and romantic. If there was one word family and friends would use to describe me it would be detail orientated and it's SO true! I love those small details that really tell the story of your special day

Those quiet intimate moment's during your couple photos, the look on your partner's face as you walk down the isle, the small details or even the moments that you might not even see on the day. Those are the moments that I live for and love to capture.

Black and white photograph of Leesha Williams in Cardiff

My Philosophy

\"Thank you again for our incredible photos! You captured all of the intimate moments, the jokes shared and most of all, our nature, which we just love!\"

Your wedding day is arguably one of the biggest days of your lives, it's a day filled with family, happy moments and most importantly love.

I come from a fine art background, this means that I've always viewed things a little differently and I always look to photograph weddings in a way that's a little different. I like to say that my style is a form of alternative wedding photography. I like to call it fine art wedding photography with an edge. It's for the couples that appreciate the beauty in the intricate details of their wedding but that what something more from their wedding photography.

I love a wedding day that is filled genuine heartwarming emotion and intimate moments.
Weddings are such a wonderful thing, whether it be a rustic barn wedding or a boho tipi wedding they are all so wonderfully unique and I love being apart of them, and being able to document them and preserve those memories forever.

My Couples

Just like every couple is not the couple for me, I’m not the photographer for every couple, and that’s okay. 

My couples appreciate the beauty in the details and the quiet moments. They aren’t afraid to ditch outdated traditions and replace them with what they really want for their day. My couples really value their wedding photographs. They’re the ones that see their wedding photographs as more than just images on a USB stick. They see their wedding photography as an heirloom for their families future.


They are the kind of people that understand and value the importance of their marriage, not just their wedding day. My couple’s are full of happiness and laughter. They’re the kind of people that wear their heart on their sleeve and that don’t hold anything back. They’re not afraid to express their true emotions. They value their friends, family and loved ones and most importantly themselves. 

And if that sounds like the two of you then I’d love to hear from you.