March 20, 2022

Have you ever looked at someone’s wedding photos and thought “how do they look so natural?” I totally get it, the chances that you’ve had a whole day of a photographer following you around, shooting your loved-up moments is likely zero. 

If you’ve read the My Style page on my website, you’ll know that my photography is based around fun, personality, and real love. I’m sooo not about forced poses or over-practiced positions. 

So I’m giving you a complete run-down of all my best tips to not feel awkward or nervous during your couple photos (or any of your wedding photos!).

1. Focus on having fun

At first it might feel totally weird having someone point a camera at you, but my top piece of advice is just go with it. Don’t focus on your photographer, just focus on enjoying your day. 

(And if that doesn’t work, a couple of tequila shots should do the trick) 

2. Get weird

Normally you’ll be prompted to do silly or weird things, like pretending to walk like you’re drunk, or whisper a dirty joke in your partner’s ear… But you’ll be amazed at how these sneaky little tricks produce the BEST photos! Trust your photographer when they tell you to do these little tips, you won’t regret it when you see the shots!

3. Trust the process!

Speaking of trusting your photographer, this is where the next tip comes in! Remember that feeling comfortable with your photographer will do wonders! If you have a good relationship with them and feel comfortable in front of them, it’ll show in your photos. Trust your photographer’s vision and advice… You chose them for their skill after all! 🖤

bride and groom looking at each other whilst veil blows in the wind

4. Tell me bout it bout it 

Something that will make you more comfortable is speaking to your photographer. I’m always here to listen to anything you’re self conscious about, or things that will make you more comfortable in your photos. Although I don’t photoshop things like bodies (that’s what makes you beautiful!!), it’s handy to know things like if you have a preferred side. I want you to absolutely love your photos, and little things like that can be helpful. But I will always promote just enjoying your day, your new forever-person, and natural beauty! 

If you have any ideas for poses or photos, I’m always here to listen and work with you! My goal is to make you as comfortable and happy as possible whilst getting the best photos! 

If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a message or Insta DM! 🖤