April 8, 2020

An engagement session is a great way to spend time with each other and get to know your wedding photographer. It’s also a good opportunity to get you warmed up in front of the camera before your wedding day and get some super cool photos for your save the date cards or some . 

Obviously I always recommend having an engagement session before your wedding (you can check out my top reasons why here) but I’d also wanted to create a blog to answer some commonly asked questions that I receive from couples about their engagement session! One of the first things that couples ask after they have booked their engagement session is “What Do We Wear for our Engagement Session!” 

Which is why I decided to create this handy little blog to give you some tips and tricks to help you lovely lot figure out what to wear for your engagement photographs!


I totally get that it can be a little weird trying to pick out clothes for your engagement session and knowing whether to dress up or down! The thing to remember is as long as you’re comfortable and you feel like you’re being you it doesn’t really matter what you wear!

So this is a bit of an obvious one but if you’re like me and live in oversized shirts and Dr Marten Boots don’t then suddenly decided to wear a mini dress and high heels, not only will you probably look a bit of a weirdo BUT also you won’t feel comfortable or be being true to yourself which will 100% show in your photographs.

When I say be comfortable, there is still a limit. (Don’t turn up in your pyjamas!) What I mean is, be you and be comfortable but still think about your outfit. So if there’s something you’re not particularly keen on (For me, I think my knees alway look weird in photos, call me crazy!) don’t wear something that will show off that part because you’re basically setting yourself up for not liking your photos, which will suck. 

It’s also worth considering how your chosen outfit will come across in photographs. When you’re choosing your options, have a look at your outfits in different lighting and from different angles/positions. There are some outfits of mine that I love when they’re face on BUT hate when I see them from the side, which is worth remembering when thinking about photos. 

If you’re having Hair/MUA professionally done then sometime some people like to organise their wedding makeup and hair trail alongside their engagement session which is always a good idea, not only does this make you feel like even more of an ultra babe in your photos but it also gives you a good indication on how your chosen wedding makeup will look in your wedding photographs.

If you’re thinking of getting your hair/beard cut specifically for the shoot, then definitely do it! My one tip would be to make sure you book it in around three-four days in advance (depending on how quick your hair grows) and let them know that you’re having your engagement photos taken so that way it has time settle and fade a little so it’s less harsh and hopefully they’ll take a little extra care not to cause any accidental cuts/nicks!


No, for the love of god, that does not mean turning up in matching sweaters. 

Try and think about what you want your photos to look like, who you are as a couple and where you’re having your engagement session. Once you’ve figured all that out you can go and try on some outfits together.  I would say think about your colour palettes, don’t necessarily wear the same colour shirt but maybe match elements of your chosen colour or wear something from the similar colour way. 

For example a rust/burnt orange coloured dress would go super well with a black shirt but would look a little weird next to a yellow or green colour. If you’re thinking of wearing something patterned I would say go for it, but maybe consider just one of you going with something super bold and the other person picking colours to wear that are featured in those patterns rather than both of you wearing something super bold and clashing. Be mindful to try and stay away from logos/branded tshirts, a huge Nike or Superdry logo never look great in photos in the long run. 

relaxed woodland engagement shoot bride and groom embracing


Make sure you consider where you’re having your engagement session when thinking about your outfits. Essentially, you want to look like both going to the same place and you’re both wearing something that fits in for that place (no one would really turn up to a beach in heels!)

I can’t stress this enough, you don’t want to wear something that isn’t your style, I’m always up for trying new things and trends but maybe your engagement photos aren’t the time to decide that you want to suddenly jump on the boiler suit and bucket hat trend! I have been 100% guilty of jumping to different fashion trends over the years but I always came back to being 100% comfortable/chill and a little bit alternative which is my style through and through. 

Also consider the time of year, that’ll definitely have an effect on your engagement photos, not just visually but also you don’t want to be freezing cold because you decided to wear a mini dress or shorts in October! 

bride and groom hugging boston terrier during bristol engagement shoot


One thing that I always recommend is switching up your outfits, you can do this by adding layers of clothing or accessories like chunky scarves or jackets. This will almost give you multiple outfits in one or you could ever bring an outfit change. The world is your fashionably dressed oyster!

If you’re thinking of wearing all black (obvs someone after my own heart) be mindful that it can look a bit flat on camera BUT if you layer it up with a leather jacket and some accessories or different texture then you’re on to a winner! 

If you’re thinking of doing a quick change, bear in mind that you may have to change while out and about unless we’re in a city environment where there’s access to toilets but if we’re in the forest you might have to change in the car. 


Just have a laugh. Engagement sessions are about you two as a couple and celebrating the fact that you’re getting married. So, like I say with every aspect of wedding planning… DON’T STRESS. 

Don’t stress too much about what you wear, how you look, what your hair is doing, as long as you’re happy and comfortable, you’re going to kill it.

If you’re looking to have your engagement photos taken and need an engagement session photographer drop me a message!

Leesha xoxo