January 20, 2023

Highlight videos: Everything you need to know

Having a professional photographer at your wedding is a no-brainer. Finding the photographer who’s right for you, your vibe & your day is up there with finding the right venue or outfit! The photos of your wedding day are designed to last forever for you to always look back on (yes, even the questionable dance move shots). 

A lot of couples ask whether having a videographer is also a necessity, or whether it’s worth it. Personally, I think videographers are a great idea if you think you’ll watch your wedding video often. But if you’re looking for a less expensive, smaller scale alternative – I’ve got just the thing for you, boo. 

Ever heard of highlight videos? 

Highlight vids are made up of short video snippets that are shot alongside your photos. 

Think of it as a highlight reel from your wedding day. 

It doesn’t include audio from the day, but is set and edited to a licenced music track. The idea of a highlight video is to capture those moments that photos just can’t; the quick, cheeky looks, the emotional tear wipes, and some of those banging dance moves. 

Because there’s no audio captured (apart from maybe the odd laugh or sing-along), speeches and vows won’t be included. That’s where you’ll need to consider hiring a videographer for a full wedding day video. 

Another great benefit for having a highlight reel is that it minimises the vendors working around you on your day. It’ll just be me & my second shooter with our cameras. Having a highlight video won’t reduce the amount of photos you’ll get, either. 

So if you really want video from your wedding day, but don’t wanna feel like you’re being crowded by people with cameras, we got you. The mini video mashup is perfect for you if you’re a couple who wants video footage of your day without all the extra fuss.

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