What happens if it rains on your Wedding Day?

April 18, 2022

Although I love to travel to capture weddings, a lot of the weddings I shoot are based in London, England. I absolutely LOVE the variety of venues, landscapes and areas available in this part of the UK. 

Howeverrrr, England obv isn’t known for its endless sunshine and trusting weather. It’s totally not uncommon to get a random few rainy days in the height of summer! 

So what if your wedding day is forecast rain, or you have an unexpected downpour? 

Rule #1: DON’T PANIC! We’ve got all the best tips to make the absolute best of your photos and day, whatever the weather throws our way. 


I know it’s way easier said than done, but think about it this way: Would you rather spend your wedding day stressing and freaking out about the weather, or just kick your shoes off and dance in the rain (literally)? We deffo know which one will give you the best memories. 

Take a moment to reason with yourself and remember that you cannot control the weather no matter how hard you try! So the best solution is to embrace the situation and make it a lasting memory! 


Even if it’s a super rainy day forecast, remember that it never rains all day. There will always be intervals of no rain. If you desperately want outdoor photos that aren’t in the rain, there will always be slots in the day we can leg it outside and get your dream shots! 

Even if you have your wedding day timeline planned out to a T, don’t stress! I’ve done over 200 weddings, I know how to maneuver photos and timings to help you get what you need. 

I always keep brollies in-tow just incase the unpredictable English weather decides to strike! So even if you haven’t planned for it, I got you. I’m there to work with you to make the most out of any situation, even if that means running outside in intervals to check if it’s drizzly! 


The classic, cheesy romantic movies have kissing in the rain scenes for a reason. It’s dramatic, it’s super romantic, and in my opinion, it’s kinda badass. Not caring that you’re getting rained on, just locked into the moment. That’s beautifully badass. 

Rainy photos can make some of the best shots of the day when it’s embraced, whether it’s the gorgeous loved-up couple shots, or the dancing with a bottle in hand with your best mates. I’m so here for all of the rain shots. 


Did you know moody skies on your wedding day means good luck? Not only that, but have you SEEN wedding photos where the sky is moody af? It’s GORG. 

Along with providing a perfect backdrop for your photos, a cloudy sky also acts as a natural beauty dish. When the sky is super bright and sunny, it’s lovely to be out in, but it can prove way more difficult to get the right shots; Squinty eyes, overexposed faces and outfits, sweating out your bodyweight. An overcast sky makes every skin tone absolutely radiant, and really makes outfit details stand out. 

If I could choose the perfect weather for any wedding, it would be an overcast day! 


A top piece of advice is don’t book your wedding date based on what you think the weather will be like. Obviously, if you’re planning an outdoor-based tipi wedding for example, you’ll likely choose a summer month and this makes total sense! But just make sure you have a plan B! Having zero coverage for an outdoor wedding in England is risky business. 

The only possible way you can guarantee good weather is by having your wedding abroad (which I’m totally here for, btw). Otherwise, a plan B with coverage options is a must! 

Whatever the weather on your wedding day, my mission is to get the best, most beautiful, badass photo & film out of it for you. 
If you want to discuss plan B’s or rainy photo options personal to you or your venue, don’t hesitate to drop me a message either on Instagram or via my contact page! I’m here to help all the way, babeeey. We’re in this together! 🖤