Cool alternative wedding at Missenden Abbey in Buckinghamshire – Simone and Bruno

November 4, 2022


If you love non-traditional weddings then you’ll find so much inspiration from this alternative wedding!
Simone and Bruno got married at the gorgeous Missenden Abbey, Buckinghamshire. It was a super fun alternative wedding, with amazing decor everywhere and an open bar to keep guests entertained.

Getting hitched
The ceremony took place in a stunning room, and was filled with flowers, which was lovely. The ceremony was beautiful registrar led ceremony, with amazing music. It was such a moving occasion, full of so much love.

After the ceremony, we had a confetti aisle, which was fucking incredible, I think in the 7+ years we’ve shot weddings I’ve never loved a confetti photo more, and I got some awesome photos of the two of them. The weather at this Missenden Abbey wedding was fresh and sunny, which I loved.

The reception was held at the same venue. The venue is perfect for weddings because it has so many options, and it’s got such a quirky vibe, especially in the main room when the lights go down.

For the reception, the couple had organised an open bar for their guests, and everyone had a blast. Guests were then called for dinner, which was an amazing three course meal – it was delicious.

The party
After the meal was finished, the band started up to get the party started, and the party got started. The DJ had literally the best wedding playlist ever, props to these guys who chose all the best songs to get everyone dancing.

The evening ended with everyone piling on to the dance floor, which was incredible, and everyone had a great time. The whole Missenden Abbey wedding was everything I love about weddings, from the Simone’s awesome dresses, the matching vans trainers to the wonderful speeches.

Advice for planning your wedding
I have loved these guys from when they first got in touch and I’m SO glad I got to shoot their wedding! S+B are literally the coolest couple ever and a perfect example of why you should have/do exactly what you want on your wedding day.

I loved this Missenden Abbey wedding so much. If you’re getting married at Missenden Abbey and looking for a wedding photographer, get in touch.

Here is Simone and Bruno’s story in photos.