October 19, 2020

Hello Lovelies!

This week’s blog post is focused on one of my favourite parts of a wedding day….CONFETTI, I’ll be sharing my tips on how you can get the best confetti shots on your wedding day!


During the planning stages, whatever amount of confetti you think you’ll need…double it. I’ve seen it happen so many times where people don’t buy enough confetti and they run out and it ends up in a weak ass confetti shot (and no-one wants that). If you’re not sure how much you need there is a online confetti calculator by Shropshire Petals which will help you work out how much confetti you need for the amount of guests you have coming your big day.

Remember if you want really over the top confetti photos like the one above, I do suggest buying lots and lots of confetti. The more confetti the better and more magical the shots.

If you are using natural petal confetti be sure to buy big and small petals to give good texture in the photograph. Often if you just use the really small petals the confetti with have a rice-like appearance, and if you just choose the larger petals it can look too clumpy when photographed. So mixing the two together gives a good fluttery effect.

Also, always be sure to check with your venues to make sure they allow you to use confetti, you don’t want to have spent lots of time selecting the right confetti for the venue to say you can’t use it due to restrictions.

quirky bride and groom walking through confetti tunnel


Please always try to make sure that the confetti you choose is biodegradable. As a business, we try to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. We personally recommend that you use biodegradable confetti and an ideal biodegradable confetti product to use are the natural petals or paper.

If you find yourself in a position where your wedding venue does not allow confetti, don’t stress, there are other alternatives you can always use….

Bubbles make a great fun alternative but just be aware of the background, if you’re getting married outdoors and you’ve got lots of open space and sky, sometimes bubbles can get lost on your photos so they usually work best against a dark background.

You can also do things like spend an evening making paper planes with your other half, the great thing about paper airplanes is that they’re easy to clean up afterwards and a great (and super nostalgic) craft to do together.

Another options you could use is herbs or birdseed because they are both good for the environment and can add a quirky feel to the shots.

light pink confetti being thrown at bride and groom


You can always ask your photographer to set up the confetti tunnel, most photographers will do this automatically but it’s always good to mention before the day. A confetti tunnel insures that you get the most use out of the confetti you have.

Confetti tunnels are easily set up by asking half the guests to stand on the left hand side in a line while the half stand on the right hand side in a line and you two will either walk or run down the centre of the two lines as the guests throw confetti. Always remember when walking or running down this pathway to keep your head up, and yours eyes open this can be a little bit difficult when people are throwing things at your face. It’s all in the name of amazing photographs so smile and laugh have fun.

alternative bride and groom walking through confetti tunnel


It’s always good to remember when throwing confetti to throw it over overhead rather than underarm because you want the confetti to fall in front of the camera not shoot up from the bottom and I can almost guarantee you two don’t wanna get smacked in the face with a handful of confetti.

My ABSOLUTE favourite type of confetti to use and photograph are the paper confetti or the confetti cannons. You can buy the cannons on Amazon and Etsy and they’re great because they are biodegradable and you can give them out to a few of your guests as an example probably every ten people or so in the line up and they create SO much confetti! (As you can see above…)


Lastly I want to give a shout out to my three favourite confetti suppliers.

Shropshire Petals

Your Confetti My personal fave for colourful paper confetti

Wild Glitter Eco-friendly Glitter and Confett

As always if you’re looking for an alternative (and confetti loving) wedding photographer get in touch!