Humanist Wedding: What, How & Why?

January 13, 2023

When you think ‘ceremony’ a classic registry office, or a traditional church, pews and priest might come to mind. Or you might even think of a ritual like hand tying, or jumping the broom

There are sooo many traditions, rituals, gestures and options for modern ceremonies. But what about a humanist wedding? Amongst all of the options today’s couples have, having a humanist ceremony can give you the most freedom and creativity. 

But what is a humanist ceremony? What does it entail? What happens during the ceremony? We’re answering all your questions, making this is your ultimate guide to navigating a humanist ceremony. 

First thing’s first: What is a humanist ceremony? 

The short of it is a bespoke, non-religious ceremony with no set script. 

The aim is to focus on the two people involved, their personalities, and their individual story. The idea that the ceremony is so uniquely bespoke allows the couple to make it as badass, alternative, fun, romantic, short, long, or traditional as they like. 

In some countries, humanist ceremonies are legally recognised. Make sure you check if your country is on the list. Even if it’s not, there’s nothing stopping you from following the legal steps your country requires, then having a humanist celebratory ceremony afterward. 

Humanist ceremonies are led by celebrants, or officiants. 

Zero restrictions 

Having a humanist ceremony means having ANY ceremony you like. Handfasting your thing? Fancy tying the knot? Or maybe something with cultural significance is what you want. That’s the best thing about having a humanist ceremony… 

It’s totally, completely yours in all its badassery. 

In a lot of ceremony venues or registry offices, you’ll find that there are some restrictions on photography. Certain parts of the ceremony can’t be photographed, BUT with humanist ceremonies, there are zero restrictions. 

Obviously from a photographer’s point of view, this is perfect! But for you this means every tiny aspect of your ceremony can be captured and remembered forever. 

The weddings I shoot are typically humanist weddings, and I absolutely LOVE seeing what my couples come up with. 

I’m so here for all the plans and options, so if you’re one of my future couples and want some advice on planning your ceremony, hit me up! I’d love to hear about it.