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With Micro Weddings and Elopements being smaller more intimate affairs, I usually find that having one photographer is enough to capture the full event without it feeling to crowded. You'll still get everything that's included in our photo only collections just with one of us covering your day. The amount of photos you'll receive afterwards depends on your chosen amount of coverage.

You'll receieve the same as detailed in the Collection info on our Main Pricing Page.

Please note, Leesha only book Elopements and Micro Weddings on Mondays-Thursdays on the same year as booking due to how busy she is.

However the Associate Team may be available on weekends.


FOR THE rule breakers

Our Elopement collections are for UK based couples with under 10 guests attending their wedding. Most couples who're eloping usually have photo//film coverage for about 3 hours.

Elopement coverage is £350 per hour.

micro weddings

FOR THE lovers

Our Micro Wedding Collection is aimed at U.K. based couples who are looking for shorter day coverage. Our Micro Wedding Collection offers five consecutive hours coverage.

Micro Weddings give you the same vibe as a full day wedding but it's a shorter day with more emphasis on the best bits. Five hours coverage should realistically cover your Morning Prep, Ceremony, Group + Couple Photos and Toasts (if done before your meal)

Micro Wedding coverage is £1450 for Five Consecutive Hours