March 27, 2022

Ever heard a couple say “your wedding day goes by SO QUICKLY!”? 

It’s something you plan for years and months, and is all over in one day. And it’s a day you’ll want to remember ‘til death, for sure! 

That’s where your photographer comes in. Your wedding photos are the thing that’ll last forever, as a way to look back at your wedding day for all the years to come. 

But if the day goes by like lightning, how can you make sure you get the most out of your wedding day photos, and really get what you want from them? 

I’m sharing my top tips to get the most out of your wedding day photography, including what to think about, any prep, and how to have the best day ever while still getting exactly what you want from your wedding photos. Let’s go! 

bride looking at her wedding dress hanging up before south wales wedding


Think about the space you’re planning to get ready in; Is it big enough for you and your bridal party / family members to get ready together PLUS any vendors (HMUA)? Does it have natural light? Do you like the decor and colours in the room? Is there any storage in the room? 

Let’s go through these questions and consider why they’re important to your getting ready time! 

Size of the room

You might think “it’s cool, we’ll all just squeeze in and make it work!”… But is that realistic? The getting ready process is a messy affair, especially if there are makeup and hair artists involved. 

Granted, it’s much easier if you’re not having vendors help you get ready, and you’re putting on an outfit you can do yourself, like a suit. But when it comes to 6 people having breakfast, hair, makeup, and climbing into dresses that require 2 sets of hands… that’s where it can get a bit hairy. Consider hiring an AIRBNB that has a nice, big space for everyone and everything needed. 

Another factor to consider is BAGS. Everyone arriving to get ready will have bought their own bags and items. Where will these go? Do you want bags and people’s stuff scattered around in your photos? A great way to combat this is designate a room or cupboard to keep everything in, creating more space and a less cluttered vibe. 

Tidy workspace = tidy mind! ✨ 

Aesthetics of the room

To put it bluntly, an ugly room can equal ugly photos. Although not impossible, it’s super difficult to avoid unwanted decor in photos, like wallpaper and flooring. If where you’re thinking of getting ready really doesn’t tickle your fancy in the interior department, your photos likely won’t either. 

If you’re considering hiring a hotel room or AIRBNB to get ready, look for spaces with lots of natural light! This is a really key factor for loads of great photos, and super important if you’re having your makeup done! Anyone who’s ever used foundation knows putting it on in a dark room results in an entirely different look when stepping out into natural light! 

That takes us onto…


This one is super simple! Imagine absolutely pegging it down the aisle in your best running shoes, and picture the photographs. Then imagine walking super slowly and taking your sweeeeet ass time, and picture those photographs. Which ones would come out better? 

Obvs when you take your time to walk down the aisle, it leaves way more time for us as photographers to capture all the good stuff; audience’s reactions, the bridesmaids and groomsmen’s excitement, the couple’s first look faces, your mum’s happy tears. 

It’s natural for someone walking down the aisle to want to rush it because of nerves, especially if you’re not one for lots of people bogging at you. But if you just tell yourself “slow and steady” before and during your aisle walk, you’ll smash that strut! 


If you want confetti: Buy. Loads. 

Some will get dropped, some will get thrown too early or too late, some will probably get left behind. Never rely on guests to bring their own, because they won’t! 

When you’re walking through the confetti tunnel, it’s normal to want to lower your head to avoid the confetti going in your face, but try your best to keep your head up! 

The confetti tunnel photos you’ve likely seen probably give the vibe that the couple are running through, but more often than not they’re actually walking quite slowly to get those clear shots! 

Paper confetti usually looks the best in photos because of the way it falls. I’d highly recommend using a biodegradable confetti option! 


Some couples have speeches before dinner, and some prefer to have them after dinner. My recommendation is to have them before dinner! That way, your hard work in laying out the tables properly is photographed along with the reactions and speaker, and there aren’t dirty plates and messy tables in all the photos. 

Having speeches before your dinner will also be better for those special peeps making the speeches. We all know it’s nerve wracking giving a speech, no matter how much whiskey you’ve slugged back! So giving the speeches before food means that everyone can fully enjoy dinner and relaaaaax. 

I’d also recommend 3-4 speeches as a good number, as people will be hungry, and keeping them minimal is way more enjoyable for everyone involved! 


  • First Dance: Take your time when dancing, wait until at least a verse and a chorus has passed before inviting guests on the dance floor. 

This is a snippet in time for you and your new forever person to enjoy a special moment. I know not everyone is keen on a first dance, but if you’re opting for one, here’s my best advice! 

A lot of couples will dance a little on their own, and then have other guests join them on the dancefloor for the rest of the song. I highly recommend dancing with just you two on the dancefloor for at least one verse and one chorus before others join you. 

This gives plenty of time for your photographer to get all those magical, drunk in love moments between you and your partner. Then they can snap away at all your drunk in love family and friends. (Also, big love for the friendship slow dances that join the dancefloor). 


Slapping on a banger that everyone loves straight after the first dance song is a fantastic way to keep bodies on the floor! Everyone’s already on the dancefloor – how can they resist busting moves to an anthem? 

When it comes to choosing your music, DJ or band, make sure the music is super upbeat and dance-able. Unless you’re going for a chilled, cocktail bar vibe – then vibe away. 

Make sure the DJ or band you choose are in line with your musical taste to get the most out of your dancefloor! This will give you photos you’ll love (and laugh at) forever! 

No matter how fast your wedding day goes, as your photographer I’m here to capture ALLLL the best parts. If you want some help or advice specific to your day’s timeline or photos, hit me up!

You can find me on Instagram, or contact me here. I’d love to help!!